#Intro - What would I know?

Jodee Watts licensed Private Investigator residing in New Zealand is the author of Endometriosis - What would I know?  It's a story, her story about living with the disease Endometriosis.  How she navigated her way through diagnosis, finding information, preparing for multiple surgeries, pushing through surgical recoveries, taking heavy medications, keeping up physical rehabilitation, and the mental endurance it took from life coming crashing down to then make her way back to her professional career.   

Juggling a life that doesn't fit the norm while being determined to have a normal life is an odd balance.  It's a new normal.  Part of it is to understand what you have, what Endometriosis actually is, and how it is affecting your life.  She believes, 'knowledge only has power when you know what to do with that knowledge, when you understand what relevance that knowledge holds and you apply it'.  Endometriosis blog was formed to encourage young girls and women to talk openly about the disease, and in doing so, further educate themselves with knowledge and those who support them, including the medical industry.   

As this story is written, there are currently no medical pathways in place for Endometriosis in New Zealand and other countries around the globe.  As a member of the Endometriosis Taskforce lead by the NZ Ministry of Health, she is part of a highly skilled team who are actively seeking to improve standards.  But the lack of focus by government and the Ministry of Health has meant year on year, they have continue to let Endometriosis patients down by not implementing medical pathways.  This lack of focus has meant hours of work put in by dedicated skilled specialists to build relevant medical pathways to improve standards nationwide is largely being ignored by Government.  

A few words from the Author

"If you've joined me and there are not 15 blogs posted,  then you are with me on this journey as I write my story.  The worst of this disease took out the best part of a decade from my life, its taken me a long-time to write about it, to read it still shocks me.  But the benefits of 'Talking about Endometriosis' means we bring it out of the dark, we make it normal to talk about.   And so although my fight has been a very personal story, as it is for all sufferers, for the sake of change sharing 'What would I know?' is about helping others." 

Kia Ora, thanks for your support :)

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