Endometriosis - What would I know?

  • #1/15 The Agony of how I found out

    The average diagnosis is 7 years for most sufferers with Endometriosis. The experience lived pre diagnosis can be chaotic, confusing and undeniably takes perseverance living untreated.  It's a tricky balance of sink or swim at a time you should be supported. What are some of the barriers I encountered and how did I navigate my way through to a diagnosis.
  • #2/15 What is Endometriosis?

    Endometriosis, so what exactly have I got?  Described is a brief understanding of what the disease is about and how it can affect sufferers ranging from young girls at the age of 10 years old to women throughout their most productive years.  It's not talked about much, and yet it affects ten percent of the female population.
  • #3/15 Plenty of questions, where to link for answers!

    For a disease that affects so many of the female population globally I had never heard of it.  On my discovery for answers I found links to respected Endometriosis associations in New Zealand and those based in other countries around the world.  Although this information was vital to understanding the disease, very little could describe how it would play out for me, with few direct answers.  But I endeavoured because the knowledge although frightening at times, empowered me to focus on what I could do to fight the disease.
  • #4/15 Choosing your medical team

    How can you choose the best medical team when an incredible number of doctors still lack any sort of real knowledge or have out of date ideas about how to treat Endometriosis.  What is it like to find the best medical professionals to be on your medical team when there are so few of them?   I outline some key points that helped me to form a team.  I describe the important role specialists, health providers, family and supporters play when the battle is long serving and aggressive.

  • #Intro - What would I know?

    Jodee Watts licensed Private Investigator residing in New Zealand is the author of Endometriosis - What would I know?  It's a story, her story about living with the disease known as Endometriosis. She shares her insight into the knowledge, some of the barriers she encountered, how she battled defiantly, the losses and her response to living a fulfilling life again.